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Motion lighting is one of the effective ways of keeping thieves and burglars away from your home. Outdoor motion sensor lights will minimize significantly the probability of thieves accessing your property. Burglars are looking for homes in which they can break-in easily without being noticed. The My Locksmith Brickell team usually advises their clients to consider installing this security measure.

For the motion lights to work effectively, you need to ensure that they are placed high enough where burglars cannot reach. Alternatively, cover the sensor light with a

Security has always been a major concern for homeowners. With advancement in technology, security challenges have become more complex. While homeowners are employing state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that their homes are secure, the burglars on the other hand are also looking for ways to use technological manipulations to penetrate even the toughest security barriers. This is a challenge not only to homeowners but also a concern us at My Locksmith.

Most burglars in the contemporary world are more adaptable and agile to new technology as compared to property owners. This

In an attempt to enhance the aesthetic appeal of homes or offices, sliding glass windows and doors are installed. Due to the fact that they allow extra light to beam through into your home, these doors and windows are often installed in spaces that open into patios or decks. The unobstructed view of the surrounding scenery that they give makes them preferred by many homeowners.
The My Locksmith technicians can however tell you that this residential bliss has its downside because sliding glass doors and windows are vulnerable to

An Electric Drop Bolt refers to a solenoid or motor actuated mechanism that is used as an additional locking device to supplement electromagnetic locks and electric strikes. With the rise in remote controlled access points, electronic drop bolts are increasingly being adopted by both residential and commercial entities to safeguard their properties. This article discusses electronic drop bolts and the mechanism through which they operate as a way of increasing awareness on the crucial role they play in residential and commercial security.

Operation Modes of Electric Drop Bolts
Electric drop

Digital door locks operate through the modern smart technology in controlling the access to your premises. As opposed to the traditional locks, installing digital locks ensure that only the authorized people are allowed in. These locks are connected to an access control system that records every single transaction logging. This article looks at how digital door locks fit into the access control systems and their contribution to improving security and managing traffic flow.


How Digital Locks Work

Digital locks work through an interconnected network of system components which include:
Access Control System

A locksmith is a person who specializes in the installation and cutting of keys, as well as repairing or replacing locks. They are often called for after break-ins to make sure that the perpetrator cannot get back in. Locksmiths can also create master keys and transponder keys for cars and homes.

Locksmiths come with many different skills and backgrounds. There are those who were formally trained to be locksmiths, but there are also those who learned by doing it themselves or from an apprenticeship program . It's important to know

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