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Our modern lifestyles combine both business and residential affairs making them intertwined and woven into one another. This means that whatever affects the business directly affects the core of our lifestyles. Securing your commercial property against vandalism is therefore as important as securing your residential premises. This article looks at the role played by locksmiths in ensuring that your commercial assets are safe. There are a number of services that a certified Miami locksmith provides that help in combating employee theft and business premise security issues.

Rekeying Of Locks after Personnel Changes

As a business evolves, it undergoes a number of changes some of which relate to employee turnover. Research in the U.S has shown that much of the inventory theft in companies results from personnel changes. This is the case because when employees either leave companies or change departments, they retain the keys to some of the most strategic business areas. If the keys to these locks are not changed in the right time, they can pose a security risk . To ensure control of the premises, locksmiths normally rekey the locks to maintain the security of the business premises.

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Changing Of Locks after Tenant Vacation

Similar to employee turnover in organizations, tenants also rent and vacate premises in the same fashion. In one year, several tenants come in and leave the premises making clearance and changing of locks a very sensitive operation. Even though you may have issued one key to a tenant, they may typically duplicate it and give to their friends and family. Upon the tenant vacating the premises, the commercial property owner needs to immediately hire the services of a commercial locksmith so as to change the locks to avoid intrusion and vandalism hence safeguarding both your property and that of the next tenant.

Creation of a Master Key System

In most commercial buildings, tenants are usually given keys to the leased offices giving them access to specific areas such as washrooms and main doors. The property manager then through the services of a commercial locksmith can have a master key designed that gives him full access to all the rooms within the building. This gives the tenants space and freedom while still according the property manager room to play his oversight role.

Fixing Damaged Locks

Locks just like any gadgets can jam or malfunction due to long-term usage or technical issues. Damaged locks pose a danger to business operations because it exposes them to the risk of theft thereby undermining the security level of the premises. A certified locksmith can help in the fixing of such malfunctioning lock systems. In case it is a key that is stuck in a lock, the locksmith can extract it hence restoring the lock back to its initial working order. There are emergency locksmiths just in case you need one during odd or non-working hours.

The level of training of locksmiths therefore gives them an upper hand in securing your business premises. Always look for certified locksmiths preferably in your area and they will help solve your security needs. They offer many services in addition to those highlighted in this article.