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The challenge that comes with rentals is that there is some degree of control that is vested in the landlord and this can complicate security matters for the tenant.
Depending on the agreement and the kind of property, security issues in a rented house can be the most confusing.  This article looks at what you can do to ensure safety of your property even in such a set up.

Ensure You Read and Understand the Tenant-Landlord Agreement

This is most certainly the first point that you need to tackle before you can make inroads on how to manage security issues with your landlord. It is in fact advisable that you take time and read every provision in the agreement before you finally sign on the dotted line. Many of the security issues can be dealt with starting at this point. In case of any clarifications, ensure you ask the landlord or consult the My Locksmith Miami team before you call it a deal.

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Change Keys to All Areas That You Directly Control

In an apartment set up, it is expected that you will share residence with other people who are not necessarily members of your family; you need to ensure safety and privacy of your property. To make this happen, the landlord should be able to allow you to change all the keys to the areas that only you solely control. This will prevent cases of duplicated keys finding their way into your lock resulting into a serious security threat.

Fitting Door Chains and Alarms

Door chains can greatly enhance the security of a property to the benefit of both the tenant and the landlord. While it may not cost much, alarm systems and door chains can give tenants a second layer of security and assurance. The codes to the alarm systems should be changed regularly for safety reasons.

Suitable and Clear Emergency Exits

Depending on the number of people who are residing in the apartment, you may need more than one emergency exit. This is the landlord’s responsibility to ensure that accesses to all exits are suitable for use. In addition, he should also hand over the keys to such exits so that in the event of an emergency you can safely find your way out.

Over and above the above measures, the landlord should conduct periodical security audits to ensure that all security bits and pieces are tied up together in a synchronized manner. The services of a professional and certified locksmith Miami ALOA member can be extremely valuable at this point in time.