(Last Updated On: February 28, 2022)

Replacing or upgrading a lock is not as easy for many residential and commercial property owners. While many people take the process casually, lock replacements need to be preceded by a deliberate needs analysis. You have to be clear on what preferences line up your way and what are the opportunity costs involved.

Locks not only deter criminals from your home but also give physical protection to your business assets and ensure safety of other valuables. The market today is full of locksmiths who ply their trade in both brick and mortar stores and online establishments. There are many types of locks that are offered for sale meaning you have to be careful on what you spending on. This article gives you some useful information to consider when choosing the right lock for your premises.

Rules Governing Locks and Building Codes

This should be the first step that you are to take before the purchase of any lock. There are some states that have specific regulations concerning different types of locks and where they should be installed. For instance some locks may be preserved for the exterior doors while others for interior ones.  If you are not sure, you can contact My locksmith Miami for assistance on this.

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The Available Lock Types

There are various types of locks that are out in the market today and these locks serve different purposes. You need to be categorical in the way you shop for your locks.


Deadbolts come in two varieties; vertical deadbolt and regular deadbolt. The deadbolt can also be a double cylinder or a single cylinder. The difference between the two is that the single cylinder has a knob on the inside and a key on the outside while a double cylinder has keys on both sides.

Keyless Locks

These locks use codes which can be changed anytime there is a suspicion that someone is aware of the code. The advantage of this lock type is that you do not incur the costs of key replacement and changing but on the flipside, the code may also be forgotten if not handled carefully and writing it down may amount to a security breach.

Sliding Bar Lock

This is also another type of lock sold by My locksmith Miami that could be appropriate for you. One advantage with this lock type is that it is mounted right at the centre of the door making it almost impossible to force the door open. Should the door pins be accidentally removed, the sliding bar lock will still hold onto the door due to the deadbolts present on either side of the frame.

The Level of Protection That You Require

When determining the lock for your premises, the level of security that you need can help you in choosing the right lock. When purchasing a lock for a safe for instance, you need to a very strong lock probably made of steel or some other hard material which makes it difficult to break and manipulate. On the other side, if you are shopping for a lock for your store then you may not need such a strong lock.

Getting the lock that matches your needs will guarantee you long-term safety and residential security.