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In an attempt to enhance the aesthetic appeal of homes or offices, sliding glass windows and doors are installed. Due to the fact that they allow extra light to beam through into your home, these doors and windows are often installed in spaces that open into patios or decks. The unobstructed view of the surrounding scenery that they give makes them preferred by many homeowners.
The My Locksmith technicians can however tell you that this residential bliss has its downside because sliding glass doors and windows are vulnerable to break-ins thereby giving burglars an easy point of entry. When improperly installed, these doors and windows can be easily lifted off by intruders hence the need to have them secured. This article discusses a number of methods you can use to ensure you enjoy your sliding glass while at the same time reducing your vulnerability to break-ins.

Installation of door bars

Also referred to as Charlie Bars, door bars provide an excellent security option. They extend the full width of the door or window from side to side thereby locking them into place. According to The My Locksmith professional techs, whenever the burglar tries to access by breaking the latch, the door bar will prevent him from forcing the door open. The more you make it difficult for the burglar to break in, the higher the chances he will go elsewhere.

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Security Sensors

The use of security sensors in sliding doors and windows is effective in preventing unauthorized and forced access. Whenever the intruder makes an attempt to break or tamper with the glass, the security sensors immediately send a signal to the control panel thus setting off the alarm. For this mechanism to work, the alarm system must be switched on.

Dowel Rods

The use of dowel rods is one of the simplest yet effective ways of securing your doors and windows. The dowel can either be wooden or metallic and it is fitted inside the bottom track of the door. This provides a secondary line of defense in the event the burglar manages to disengage the latch in an attempt to gain access. The My Locksmith Brickell team advises that the length of the dowel rod should be a half an inch shorter than the door track to be effective.
To add to the above security measures, the installation of a sliding door lock pin can also go along way into securing the doors and windows. The installation of this lock pin involves drilling of a small hole through the outer and inner frames. The sliding door lock pin then extends through the drilled holes thus pinning the frames in a closed position. This makes it difficult for burglars to lift the door off its track.