(Last Updated On: May 17, 2018)

An Electric Drop Bolt refers to a solenoid or motor actuated mechanism that is used as an additional locking device to supplement electromagnetic locks and electric strikes. With the rise in remote controlled access points, electronic drop bolts are increasingly being adopted by both residential and commercial entities to safeguard their properties. This article discusses electronic drop bolts and the mechanism through which they operate as a way of increasing awareness on the crucial role they play in residential and commercial security.

Operation Modes of Electric Drop Bolts
Electric drop bolts are compatible with almost any access control system and can be installed in outward swinging or inward swinging doors. The locks are available in either failsafe of failsecure modes.

Failsafe Mode–Whenever the flow of electricity is interrupted through a power outage or access control function, failsafe drop bolts will unlock. These locks are commonly used in life safety applications such as high rise building stairwell doors or perimeter fire exit doors. Where this mode is used in interior doors, a backup battery-operated power supply can be used so as to provide a continuous power flow even during outages.

Failsecure Mode–This is the opposite of failsafe and it requires power to unlock. In the case of a power outage, failsecure electric drop bolts will stay locked. To ensure normal activities continue even during a power outage, you can install a battery-operated power back up. This mode of drop bolt operation is mainly used in high security applications. It is not permitted to install failsecure electric drop bolts on fire rated doors because during emergencies or power loss, these doors do not unlock.

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Benefits of Electronic Drop Bolts

Anti-Invade Circuitry
Electric drop bolts can sense intrusion in manual break ups through the reed and the sensor magnet. Any forceful entry attempt leads to automatic disconnection and closure of the drop bolt system thus denying entry.

Long Life Solenoids
The solenoids are specially designed to give the electric drop bolts more strengthen and long operating lifetime. Most solenoids have more than 500,000 operations.

Installation Flexibility
Electric drop bolts can either be installed vertically or horizontally on the side of the door or on the header of the door frame. This gives space for preferences and enhances the functionality of the drop bolts.

Auto Relocking Timer Setting
Using jumpers, you can adjust the timing for locking delay. This is the time taken by the drop bolt to automatically lock when the door is closed.

Electric drop bolts therefore come with increased utility and they enhance the security of your premises. My Locksmith has a wide range of electronic drop bolts that you can choose depending on your preference on design and features.

Friendly tip: Make sure that the locksmith that call is an ALOA member.

Stay Safe!