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In every field of life, technology has given us an opening to further exploit opportunities to better our products and services. In the sphere of office and home security, technology has influenced the development and enrichment of security systems making them burglar proof. This article looks at the ways in which deadbolt locks use technology to enhance both home and office security.

Professional burglars have mastered the technique of picking locks and smashing them open to gain access to premises without much of a struggle. To help counter this, the our locksmith team are always in the process of developing advanced security locks with complex and burglar proof features. Prior to the introduction of deadbolt locks, there was an urgent need for lock systems that would completely restrict access to premises by unauthorized parties.

Hard To Break and Open
Deadbolt locks are not easy to break. This property in itself adds an extra resilience to your door access control. As opposed to common door locks, these locks are not easy to open either, this further reduces the chances of break-ins and lock snapping. The use of hammers and other mechanical objects to break down doors may not be successful on deadbolt locks.

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Enhanced Security Nerve System
Premises which need extreme security measures are usually installed with deadbolt locks. The level of security and complexity that comes with these locks makes it very difficult to crack and gain access. The beauty with technology is that it is tweaked every now and then making the locks up to date with the latest threats and burglar developments.

Keyless (fingerprints) Dead-Bolts
The globalization of the locksmith industry and the entry of new players have led to the increase in deadbolts varieties out in the market.
Deadbolts can come either with keys or keyless. The latest technological advancement has allowed for the development of deadbolts which have the capacity to store fingerprints. These deadbolts have many advantages compared to the other types of lock systems:

Restricted Access-through the storage of selected fingerprints in the database, only authorized persons can be granted access into the premises. If the system does not have your fingerprints then it simple means that you cannot enter the building unless granted permission by a resident party.

Flexibility- Keyless deadbolt systems are easy to control and manage. Assume someone left the building at 11 pm in the night, the system should be able to show the fingerprints of all those people who went in and out at that particular time. This helps in tracking any suspicious entries into the premises.

Easy To Delete a Contact from the Database- On a normal occasion, when an employee or a tenant vacates a building, there are a whole lot of processes that go on including hiring My Locksmith to replace keys and to ensure that the possibilities of the person gaining access are eliminated. With the fingerprint system, what needs to be done is simple-delete the contact and the fingerprints from the database.

The fingerprint mode of access is increasingly being adopted by many people across the globe in a bid to bolster their security. More developments are expected along this line of access control.