(Last Updated On: February 28, 2022)

The creation of keys by locksmiths looks like magic to most people. Even though it is not an easy process, it is systematic and locksmiths have clues that help them to craft the right key for locks. This article discusses the various types of key coders that are commonly used in the locksmith service industry.

Key codes are made up of characters that have both letters and numbers. For this reason, they are known as alphanumeric codes. A closer observation of desk locks and the locks on cabinets reveals certain numbers and letters carefully stamped on them; these are the key codes. They are usually generated randomly and point towards a specific key that is obviously different from the rest. Every locksmith North Miami is trained to identify keys that open the millions of locks available today.

Types of Key Coders

There are various types of key coders present today. Below are some of them:

Direct Digit Key Coder

This key coder consists of several digits. Each digit has a corresponding cut in the key. The value represented by the digits is indicative of the depth of the key cut. A number of lock manufacturers print the digit (key code) on the key. By design, digit key codes are long because every single digit has a corresponding pin on the key.

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Key Coder with a Pattern between the Key and Code

This is the second type of key coder. It is regarded as not being straight forward because mathematical tricks must be applied in determining the depths of the cuts in the key. Its conspicuous mark is the pattern between the code and the key. It is not very popular hence little is discussed about it.

Codebook Key Coder

This type of key coder is named so because of the kind of complexity that surrounds it. For you to decode it, you need a codebook. There is no pattern to the depths of the cuts on the keys necessitating the locksmith to have a codebook. One such codebook is called Reed Codebook which is famous because it has a volume for every type of lock.

Technology Backed Software Key Coders.

Technology has brought in some relief as there are computer programs now available with information on key codes. The software is copy-protected hence making it secure. The computer programs which are many and different depending on the developers come with demo disks to make it easier for the locksmith to understand the coding process.

This is a brief overview of how locksmiths cut keys and determine the right keys for the millions of locks around the world. The secret lies in the correct interpretation of key codes. This system guarantees security as no key code can be repeated. Through computer simulation programs only one key code can be generated per lock guaranteeing you piece of mind and safety of your property.