(Last Updated On: February 28, 2022)

The rise in insecurity has made people to be insecure especially in buildings and public places. Cases of burglars and intruders breaking into offices and stealing vital business data are rampant and this has affected the performance of business organizations thereby lowering productivity. Security of employees and business assets needs to be assured if your customers are to feel safe in their working environments. Intrusion detection systems are very critical units that can help you control the entrance and exit of people into your business premises while at the same time giving you alerts on the goings on around your business environment. This article will discuss wholesomely the idea behind an intrusion detection system and the features it has that makes your commercial premises safe and secure.

Installation of an intrusion detection system begins with having a plan that My Locksmith Miami can help you craft. The plan will detail every component that needs to be included and at what point within the system. The following are some of the integral components that any intrusion detection unit should encompass:

Door and Window Contacts

The opening and closing of windows and doors can signal the entry or exit of an intruder. In fact windows and doors are considered to be the main areas through which intruders can make their way into your premises. Having tested intrusion detectors installed at these entry points can go along way into ensuring that any entry and exit is carefully monitored to bar intruders and unauthorized persons.

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Glass Breakage Detection

The sound of breaking glass can signal forced entry into your premises. Due to the fact that you may run an expansive commercial establishment, you may not detect all the glass breakages happening around. Glass breakage detectors can play a strategic role in bringing such events to your attention. Such breakage detection systems can also be integrated with alarms so as to increase the functionality of the entire system.

Motion Detectors

This unit or component of detectors usually tracks and isolates regular and irregular movements. Intruders have the habit of either walking stealthily or hurriedly. Through computer programmed motion sensing, these detectors can easily map such movements and raise the alarm. The main factors that the detector uses to track the motions are heat, sound and light.

Central Station Monitoring

In addition to the peripheral intrusion detection units, you can have a centralized system installed by My Locksmith Miami that can help you prevent intrusions. The advantage of a centralized unit is that in can be connected to police or security firms monitoring systems hence raising the alarms early enough for a meaningful response.

Whatever commercial venture you run, remember safety is an important asset which if ignored can lead to crippling losses. Keep your premises intruder free today.