(Last Updated On: February 28, 2022)

Well, such a question may not be easy to answer bearing in mind the benefits brought about by the advent of digital locks and access systems. Many people have completely switched from the traditional manual lock systems to technology powered ones without analyzing the pros and cons on either side. Locks have very particular safety features that give your home the much needed security and safety. Technology has come in to better these features making them more advanced and resilient to counter any innovative burglary attempts. This article looks into the relevance of these lock systems in security enhancement. Resilience to Physical Tampering: Digital locks are known for their technology-based access control mechanisms. In as much as they are fast and effective, there is one element that makes them less preferred. Most of these digital lock systems are very fragile and delicate making them easy to tamper and disable. This is where traditional locks come in. Despite their manual operation, these locks are made of hard metals such as steel that makes them difficult to break. In most premises, The My Locksmith Miami Beach team use them to give the premises a second layer of security. The entry point is usually secured by the traditional locks while the inner doors have digital locks. Hacking and Software Intrusion: Traditional locks are manual in nature and as such, the physical key is the only avenue of getting access through such doors. Digital doors and technology powered access systems are operated through central control units and databases. This makes them an easy target of cyber crime where passwords are hacked and access is gained without necessarily breaking the door or forcing your way in. This aspect leaves traditional locks as being relevant and reliable. Failure of Systems: The relevance of traditional lock systems may not be easily seen especially where all systems are up and running. However in instances where systems fail as they sometimes do, the manual locks become the second most preferred access control systems. There are many reasons behind systems failure; it could be a cyber invasion, system overload or just a crash due to server related problems. This can be frustrating as it can make business to come to a standstill. Cost and Maintenance: Digital locks and the smart technology that they come with are interesting and everyone loves them. The only unpleasant element about it is the cost aspect. Compared to a digital lock, maintaining a traditional lock is relatively cheap. You do not have to worry about installation and periodical system maintenance by a locksmith, all you have to do with traditional locks is just oiling the lock from time to time to prevent rusting and lock jams. Whether you are a techno-savvy or not, traditional locks are still relevant in as much as I appreciate the digital flexibility and functionalities that come with digital locks.