(Last Updated On: December 4, 2017)

Security has always been a major concern for homeowners. With advancement in technology, security challenges have become more complex. While homeowners are employing state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that their homes are secure, the burglars on the other hand are also looking for ways to use technological manipulations to penetrate even the toughest security barriers. This is a challenge not only to homeowners but also a concern us at My Locksmith.

Most burglars in the contemporary world are more adaptable and agile to new technology as compared to property owners. This makes property owners more vulnerable to break-ins thereby increasing the number of attacks.

There are security challenges that have come as a result of the drastic increase in technological advancements.

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Cyber Crime 

Some of the home security systems that My Locksmith  team installs, are operated using databases. These databases have a collection of information that is considered private and confidential. When a person swipes an access card, information is usually relayed into these databases and a quick comparison is usually made. If the swiped contact exists then the access control system gives way, otherwise the access is denied. Burglars have taken advantage of this mode of operation. They hack databases to reconfigure and include some details that will give them access to home premises.

Tapping of Communication Lines

Most of the home security systems operate on wired or wireless communications. Whether the communication is on the mainstream telephone lines or in a closed circuit system, tapping of these lines can reveal the content of the information being passed across. This can give the burglars and intruders an upper hand as far as the structure of the home security is concerned. Through these conversations, secret codes and other pertinent security information can be tapped and used to the disadvantage of the homeowners.

Disintegration between New and Existing Systems

Security upgrades may introduce applications that don’t integrate well with the existing equipment. This means that a system loop hole exists that can pose a security threat to homeowners. For instance, access control systems may not work well with the alarm system. This disintegration may be caused by frequent system upgrades and structural differences between vendor applications.

Complex Operations of Security Systems

The rate at which technology advancements are taking place, the security systems may need to be upgraded frequently to cope with the speed. With these upgrades comes the cost of retraining the security personnel and even the occupants. Depending on how thorough the training is done, some fundamental concepts may be left out along the way leading to an inefficient and less than optimal operation of the security systems. This poses a challenge bearing in mind that the burglars have a quicker and thorough orientation making them masters of the systems within a short duration.

To sum it up: the technological innovations in the field of security have enhanced the security of homes but at the same time have brought in a new wave of challenges. My Locksmith team undertakes security audits on behalf of its clients to shed more light on emerging security concerns and solutions.

Friendly tip: Make sure that the locksmith that conducts your security audit is an ALOA member.

Stay Safe!