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Every year, thousands of people move from one residence to another, from rented houses to their houses and so forth. Many of these movements usually involve busy schedules and a lot of planning with little thought if any given to security matters. Typically, moving a house involves lots of security issues such as changing of locks, keys and almost everything that defines access of the new residence. Apart from the access systems, such movements also expose your property to potential burglars who upon seeing everything that you own, may plan a targeted attack to rip you off. All these and many others are concerns that you must address before, during and after you move. This article looks at the things to consider: Changing Of Locks and Keys: While many people consider it a trivial issue changing the locks of your new place, the fact is that you need to change them. This will enable you account for every single key that you posses. Having a bunch of keys that you do not know where they exactly open can be confusing and a security issue too. Another major reason why you need to ask Locksmith Miami to change your locks and keys is the fact that many people could have earlier accessed your new place before you either as contractors or just servicemen. Depending on their intentions, such people may make extra keys and thereby pose a security threat. Security of Access Points: The first security process that you are to undertake when you move into your new residence is to take a security audit. This is a critical practice as it will show all the areas of weakness give you a security roadmap to follow in fixing these issues. The areas to concentrate on during the audit are concealed areas such as dark entry points, windows covered by branches and shrubs, shaded areas among many other joints that can ‘invite’ burglars. Also look for unintended access points and basement entry points where applicable. Alarm System: If the house you are moving in does not have an existing alarm system, you can call Locksmith Miami to install one for you. Should the case be that the house has an alarm system in place, there are still some things that you ought to do to improve your general residential security. You have to ensure that the alarm is working well through a thorough maintenance check. Passwords should also be changed and communicated to the concerned members of the family. Supervise Strangers and Guests in Your House: When you move to a new home, it is typical to have neighbors and other long lost friends visiting you. In as much as you welcome them, be very careful on how you handle them as some of them could be mapping the access and exit points within your house. Always keep valuables in safes and secret hideaways. Although this list is not exhaustive it can give you a bearing on how to handle security matters when moving homes.