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Digital door locks operate through the modern smart technology in controlling the access to your premises. As opposed to the traditional locks, installing digital locks ensure that only the authorized people are allowed in. These locks are connected to an access control system that records every single transaction logging. This article looks at how digital door locks fit into the access control systems and their contribution to improving security and managing traffic flow.


How Digital Locks Work

Digital locks work through an interconnected network of system components which include:
Access Control System Server – this hosts the software responsible for assigning access tickets and monitoring traffic into the premises. It also houses the database with all the credential holders and their access levels.

Badging Server – this server captures several identity components including the photo, name, date and address to issue access badges also known as credentials. This server is usually linked up with the access control system server.
Digital Video Recorder- These recorders which are assigned to various cameras installed in the digital lock system to record events which can later be replayed. These recorders work more or less like a CCTV system.
The Control Panels –these panels act as the linking points between the access control server and the access points which can either be doors or checkpoints. They process the reader data, grant a request to exit or enter the premises and report the position of the door as either open or closed. They are also effective in reporting credential problems and intrusion.

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For you to gain access through digital doors, an authentication process must run successfully. This is the proof of identity as programmed into the lock system database. There are various authentication methods that My locksmith can integrate into your digital access system. Some of these are:

Numerical codes and Passwords
This is one of the common verification methods used in digital locks. The locks come with a keypad where you key in your code and if it corresponds with the database-stored code then the lock deactivates and grants you access.

Security tokens
This is where you swipe or scan a security token like a smart card to interact it with the lock. Some digital locks can retrieve credentials that are stored on personal digital assistants (PDA) through infrared data transfer techniques.

This authentication mode leverages on technologies such as retinal scanning, voice print identification, iris scanning and fingerprint scanning to grant access. They are very efficient and accurate.

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