(Last Updated On: February 28, 2022)

Thumb turn wires are essential and indispensable tools. This article focuses on how effective these wires are and whether they are brand specific or they can be universally used on any lock.

Thumb wires are among the many tools that a locksmith ought to have at any time. They are professionally designed to help exploit weaknesses in oval and euro turn thumb cylinders. They are ordered either as a complete set with handles and wires or just wires only. In the latter case, the thumb turn wires must be inserted into a handle so as to get the grip.

Easy To Follow Instructions

Thumb turn wires come together with a manual which is easy to understand. This makes the wire handling process much easier eliminating any chances of making errors while fixing the wires into the handles. The usage of the wires is also explained clearly. In fact the elaborate nature of the instruction manual that comes with the wires makes it easier even for a person with no prior knowledge or instruction to learn how the mechanism works and apply it to open a lock.

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Customized Functionality

Thumb turn wires normally come in a set of three: two looped wires and a rake pick shaped wire. The looped wires appear similar but they differ slightly in size making them compatible with different internal cam mechanisms and key ways. The rake pick shaped wire is designed for cylinders with a cog in place of the conventional cam. To open a cog cylinder using the rake pick wire, you need to apply the progressive opening method. This method involves knocking the cam around gently until the lock opens.

Brand Compatibility

Thumb wires are effective although they may vary with the brands applied on. From customer reviews and locksmith Coral gables testimonials, these wires are compatible with most brands in the market. Examples of some of the brands that these wires have previously worked on successfully are: Era, Yale, Asec, Iseo, Securit and Carl F. It should also be noted that these are some of the major brands in the market today. In some way they are like the standards of measure. They define both quality and resilience.

From customer findings, the only brand that these wires have a problem working on is the British Standard Winkhaus. This could be an isolated case and trials are still on to find out exactly why this brand defies the thumb turn wires.

Cost Effectiveness

Their functionalities compared to the much they cost, thumb turn wires are worth the price. These wires not only help you avert a potential problem but also constitute an important tool in your kit.

From the ensuing discussion, it can be concluded that despite the cost element, thumb turn wires are worth having.