(Last Updated On: February 28, 2022)

It is expected that time and again you may find yourself leaving your home either for a business trip, vacation or just to say hi to a long-term friend. Whichever the case, you need to leave your home secured so that upon your return you will still find it in one piece. Research has shown that most homes are broken into during times when the owners are away. This article looks at some of the tips that can help secure your home and prevent any unfortunate incidents from happening when you are gone.

Secure all entrances including doors, pet entrances and windows

You can decide to lock all you doors with very strong and burglar proof lock systems. You can get some advice on the best locks from Locksmith Mesa. Pet entrances can also create avenues through which burglars enter your home. You need to seal them where necessary or cork them with materials that will make them less conspicuous. In case you have broken or loose windows, you need to have them fixed because they will give the thieves a vantage point to peep and survey the house before breaking in.

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Put All Your Valuables in a Safe

Safe deposit boxes are made of very strong metallic materials which are hard to break. Most of them are made of steel. They can form an excellent security cover in two ways. One, they are difficult to break meaning the thugs may not be able to get an opportunity to see what is inside. Secondly, the safe is heavy meaning that a great deal of effort is needed to carry it out during police ambushes. In the event the burglars decide to set the house on fire, a safe does not burn therefore your valuables will still be safe from the inferno.

Make Use of Timers

Timers placed on indoor lamps, televisions and radios can be an excellent form of protection. These timers can be set in such a way that they go off at different intervals to illuminate the house, turn on the radio and switch on the television. This will create an impression that there is someone in the house and hence keep off burglars.

Let your landscaping and gardening activities continue

Arrange with your landscaping services provider to have your walk ways and drive ways shoveled. Having unkempt gardens is one of the first indications that the occupants are not around. This could in turn intrigue the curiosity of potential burglars.

Keeping your house secure should therefore be a priority. Some of the applicable techniques are more psychological than technical. A Locksmith Mesa can advise you on some other avenues to pursue.