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Lock snapping is not a strange word in the ears of many who have either fallen victims or have had a close relative lose their property because of this. Burglars in the 21st century have become more tactful and will do anything just to gain access and control of your premises. Most security system developers including My locksmith have invested in highly mechanized and technologically advanced security systems to help curb this menace. Burglars on the other hand have also made an effort to ensure that they study the working of the euro cylinders so that they can stay on top of the game. This article looks at what lock snapping is and how you can prevent it.

Lock snapping also called cylinder snapping is a process which involves the breaking of the euro cylinder and then manipulating the lock system so as to gain access to premises. Many people have false confidence buoyed by the fact that their doors have multi locking points. While this is important, it does not make your door completely secure. As long as your lock system is operated by a cylinder, you ought to know that it can be compromised as it has recently become the weakest point of all.

The prevalence of lock snapping has led security personnel to make repeated warnings to residents to ensure that they add an extra layer of security because cylinder snapping requires no specialist knowledge or tools for burglars to gain access.

How to Prevent Lock Snapping:

Whether you perceive lock snapping to be a real threat or not, the decision you will take as a resident will determine your level of exposure.

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Invest In Extra Security Gadgets:

locksmiths all over the country have developed some gadgets to provide an extra layer of security. These products which are available in local stores have been tested and proven to be snapping resistant. Their technological complexity is high and constantly being improved to prevent burglars from breaking in.

Install Integrated Alarm System:

lock snapping doesn’t occur without an effort. By having a well integrated alarm system, any attempt to snap the locks can be immediately arrested. The integration should be done in such a manner that no external party is aware of such connection. Any attempt to forcefully manipulate the lock should automatically raise the alarm.

Choose Lock Systems that are Made of Superior Materials:

The materials that make cylinders vary from aluminum to steel. Choosing a snapping resistant material will go a long way in ensuring that the lock stays intact and keeps burglars off. It must however be noted that some of the superior cylinders materials are sold at a premium and you may need to spend some extra cash to get it. If that will guarantee you security then it is a worthwhile investment.

Whenever you shop for lock systems, do not rely so much on the descriptions and endorsement of the manufactures’ get a third party approval such as My locksmith on the product performance.