My Locksmith Miami really came through for me!


This guys really came through for me! a few days ago, i left my keys somewhere at the outside walgreens and didn’t realize it until i got in the store. They were gone by the time i got back outside and i was freaked out. There was a great manager in the store who called her husband who works in construction to see if he knew anyone. That’s how I got My Locksmith Miami's number. Anyway the locksmith was so cool to unlock my door and didn’t take advantage of me being emotional by charging extra. He just unlocked the door and wished me well. Really sweet guy. Luckily my purse was in the car because it had an extra key. A lot of good it did me. i’m going to make sure to keep it with me now. Seriously these guys are great and got me on the road in about 20 minutes.

Emi R.