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My grandma, whom I help care for, called me yesterday really flustered because she had just taken her dog for a walk and somehow had locked herself out of her house. She is getting older so this stuff is bound to happen. I tried to keep her calm and told her I’d take care of it. It would be at least two hours before I could get to her so I told her I’d call someone to help. My coworker gave me the number to a company that didn’t even answer the phone, so I called around. The first person I called wanted to charge an insane fee and couldn’t make it for at least two hours. I called My Locksmith Miami next and am glad I did. When I finally got to the house, my grandma was already inside. She told me that the ‘nice young man’ who came over got her inside quickly, charged her exactly what I was quoted on the phone, and he even gave her a great tip about hiding a spare key inside the loose lip of her vinyl siding. Thank you guys. You made my day.