Super nice and considerate!


My story only happened this morning, but it was so cool that I didn’t want to forget to submit a review. This morning I left class at UM without my backpack, and didn’t even notice it until I got to my car. I went straight back to the building but it was gone. I was devastated because that’s like $200 worth of books. I work but only part-time, and the thought of having to pay a locksmith to let me into my car and rekey it and all that just made my brain numb. I had to do it through because what choice did I have? My Locksmith Miami quoted me the lowest rate so I asked them to come out. When the locksmith got there I was so upset and he was so sweet just listening to all my problems when a friend of mine came running up to me with my backpack! I started crying! The locksmith gave me a high five and didn’t even charge me for the trip even though I tried to give him $20. How cool is that!

Sasha M.