Totally professional and super fast!


This guys are great,the gym where I work out is open around the clock so I usually go there pretty late. a few nights ago I got out of there at about midnight and realized I couldn’t find my keys. When I looked inside my car, I saw that they were on the passenger seat so I was happy to see them but mad that I couldn’t get to them. I went back inside and one of the people who works there came out and tried to help me unlock the car, but it’s a newer Jetta so there’s not much he could have done. Nice guy though. So, I ended up calling My Locksmith because the guy said he had used them just the week before and they were fast. He was right. It wasn’t even 15 minutes after I hung up with their customer service guy that the locksmith got there. Such a gentleman, too. Totally professional and super-fast, they deserves my 5 star review.

Kallyne B.