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The creation of keys by locksmiths looks like magic to most people. Even though it is not an easy process, it is systematic and locksmiths have clues that help them to craft the right key for locks. This article discusses the various types of key coders that are commonly used in the locksmith service industry. Key codes are made up of characters that have both letters and numbers. For this reason, they are known as alphanumeric codes. A closer observation of desk locks and the locks on cabinets reveals certain numbers
Thumb turn wires are essential and indispensable tools. This article focuses on how effective these wires are and whether they are brand specific or they can be universally used on any lock. Thumb wires are among the many tools that a locksmith ought to have at any time. They are professionally designed to help exploit weaknesses in oval and euro turn thumb cylinders. They are ordered either as a complete set with handles and wires or just wires only. In the latter case, the thumb turn wires must be inserted into
When in need of locksmith services, you only have two basic options; hiring professionals or doing it yourself. Both of these options have their own levels of justification but you need to carefully consider what you stand to gain or lose in each circumstance. Calling a professional locksmith is considered by many as the best option than doing it on your own. There are various reasons offered to support that proposition. Yes, doing it on your own will save you some money in the short run but may affect the quality
Emergencies happen and by definition when we least expect. Whether you have locked yourself in your house or car, there is always an awful experience that you go through. The first step when you realize that you are in such a situation is to stay calm and not to panic. Then you have to get in touch with professional locksmiths who will help you out of the situation. This means that you need to always have emergency contacts that you can refer to when a crisis arises. The contacts should
Lock snapping is not a strange word in the ears of many who have either fallen victims or have had a close relative lose their property because of this. Burglars in the 21st century have become more tactful and will do anything just to gain access and control of your premises. Most security system developers including My locksmith have invested in highly mechanized and technologically advanced security systems to help curb this menace. Burglars on the other hand have also made an effort to ensure that they study the working
The issue of insecurity is not new to this generation and it will not stop here either. Every now and then, security breaches and concerns because burglars have found more innovative ways of gaining access to premises both residential and commercial despite heavy security details and manned access systems. Passwords have been cracked and hackers have always had their way. Even after identify cards were introduced, issues were still being raised of how people still find their way into buildings illegally. This article will focus on the major strides that

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