Hands down the fastest and friendliest locksmith in town


I just stopped off at the library to drop off some books before heading to class and at the very second I closed the door I realized that I didn’t have my keys in my hands because they were loaded with books. It was one of those instances where your heart just kind of falls into your stomach. My phone was in the car, too, which meant that I had to go into the library and ask for help. So lame. The people at the front desk were really cool about it, but I still felt mad and stupid. They googled a couple of companies and I started looking. It was like no one was answering. About the 3rd call I made was to My Locksmith Miami and they totally rescued me. Not only did their fee sound decent but I was back in my car in less than half an hour. I made it to class on time, and now, thanks to the locksmith giving me a tip, I have a spare key box so it should never happen again. They turned this into a good experience that came out of a stupid move on my part.

Karla V