These guys are awesome!


These guys are awesome! My family and I had just finished watching my son play a football game and headed back to our car, packing our chairs and blankets along with us. I could not believe that I lost my car keys somewhere along the way but. We tore everything apart and retraced our steps. What happened to them I will never know. We were exhausted and didn’t feel like waiting forever so I called a cab for my family and I was going to wait for the locksmith. My wife had her house keys so it was the best plan. I called a couple of locksmiths, and My Locksmith Miami said they’d be there in 15 minutes, which sounded too good to be true. But they were! The guy even got there before the cab. I was sure I’d be waiting there alone forever but I ended up cancelling the cab. Not only was the service fast, but the locksmith asked my son for his autograph, saying he looked like he was going to be a pro some day. That was a nice touch.

Jose P.